Parish Council

Serving the villages of Dickleburgh and Rushall, our Parish Councillors work to serve their local communities, providing street lighting, play areas, environmental improvements, support to community groups, maintaining common land and a range of other community based activities.

The Parish Council meetings are normally held on the second Monday of every month, except August at the Village Centre. Once a year (usually in June) the Council meets in Rushall. The main Parish Council meeting is where the Council makes all its decisions. The public and press are very welcome to attend all our meetings. The first 15 minutes of every meeting are for public participation. Its your opportunity to raise issues with the Parish Council.

The Village Centre Committee meets on the Wednesday preceding the second Monday of every month. The Committee is currently working on a development project for the Village Centre and considers all matters relating to managing the Centre.

The Planning Committee meeting occasionally to discuss planning applications that cannot be dealt with within the scheduled Parish Council Meetings.

Once a year there is an Annual Parish Meeting, held in the Spring. It’s the community’s opportunity to come and raise important issues, inform other community groups about their group and share information.

The minutes and agendas from all the meetings can be accessed from the Parish Council menu.

In December, every year, the Parish Council sets its budget for the forthcoming financial year. The budget forms the basis of the precept request made to South Norfolk Council.

For all other information, please contact Ann Baker, the Parish Clerk, on 01379 742937, or [email protected]

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