Community Grant Fund

  • Do you live in the parish of Dickleburgh and Rushall?
  • Are you under 25 years old?
  • Do you need help funding a project?

Dickleburgh and Rushall Parish Council are now in a position to offer grants for individuals or small groups to develop their skills and/or benefit others.


The Community Grant Fund


Principles of the Grant:

1 The grant should be available to all under 25s who reside permanently within the parish boundary of Dickleburgh & Rushall.

2 The grant should fund activities or equipment for individuals or small groups.

3 The grant should constitute an amount of money which should contribute towards funding the activity or equipment. Evidence should be provided to clearly demonstrate funding from other sources.

4 There should, in the proposal, be a clear positive outcome for the individual or small group that leads to improved performance, skill, knowledge or understanding.

5 Each application should be unique.

6 The grant should not fund an annual or regular event, it needs to be more of a “one off”.

7 All successful applicants should share their experience with the wider community e.g.via the website, the Parish News, local groups or the local press etc. (help with this can be provided).

8 Application should be made by completing a Community Grant Fund Application Form. Applicants will be invited to talk informally about their application in order to enable the Grants Committee to come to a decision regarding the application.

9 Grants will be advertised in both the spring and the autumn of each year however applications will be considered throughout the year.


1 Principles 1-8 should be met.

Application via:

1 A Community Grant Fund Application Form must be used – setting out the reason for the application and the benefit to the applicant or the wider community this could be supported by a letter of application.

2 Applicants will be invited to talk informally about their application.

Download the application form:

CGF Application Form

Post application:

Successful applicants will be invited to share their experience with the wider community.

Examples of the Types of Applications which may Prove Successful:

  • educational activities
  • cultural activities
  • the arts
  • personal growth
  • environmental activities
  • community focused activities
  • life skills
  • life-enhancing equipment
  • this is not an exhaustive list!

Interested in finding out more? Contact Parish Councillor Jim Kerr on 01379 740225