Neighbourhood Plan

Dickleburgh and Rushall Neighbourhood Plan

The proposal to create a plan for the villages and surrounding environs has been submitted to South Norfolk along with a map showing the designated area (the parish boundary).

We hope everyone can support this initiative and work with the Neighbourhood Planning team in creating a plan which is inclusive and sustaining, allowing access to, and protecting, the diversity of flora and fauna within our community boundary and, protecting the heritage.

The next step is to gain approval from South Norfolk Council. You need to register your agreement to the development of a plan and for it to cover the geographic area of the parish.

If you do agree then please contact South Norfolk Council and inform them of your support for the development of a plan.

Letter to South Norfolk Council

Dickleburgh and Rushall Neighbourhood Area Map


Following on from the meeting of 24th February this questionnaire will be going out to every household in Dickleburgh and Rushall with the April edition of the Parish News.

Site Allocation Questionnaire

Completed forms can be left in the post box at the Village Centre or alternatively you can e-mail your responses to:

You can also contact us via this email with comments or questions about the Neighbourhood Plan

Why Dickleburgh and Rushall need a Neighbourhood Plan

It is probably a truth that the villages and communities of Dickleburgh and Rushall need to evolve. But how where why and when are all key questions that need to be asked and answered in order to get any sense of a managed process. If we do not chose to answer these questions ourselves then someone or some organisation will answer them for us and we may not like the answers.

We all have a perspective on our road, our immediate community and the wider communities of Dickleburgh and Rushall. We know the special places, the treasures and the areas around us that could be improved. We know the views and the sight lines that must not be destroyed. By us taking control through a Neighbourhood Plan we can be the people to answer the questions about our villages and not be told by others what we must have and must not have.

Let’s all create a vision and aims for the villages.

Let’s think about:

  • what is good about the area?
  • what is bad about the area?
  • what makes these villages good to live and work in?
  • what pressures affect the area now or in the future?
  • what needs to change?

We need as wide a range of views as possible. Everyone’s voice needs to be heard and we can start to see common themes and ideas that we can put together to say “this is us, this is why we are important and this is how we want our villages to be, to evolve, and to be a thriving community serving the interests of all who live here.”

Dickleburgh and Rushall Neighbourhood Plan questionnaire

If you have any thoughts, comments or questions about the Neighbourhood Plan, please email drneighbourhoodplan@gmail. com