Parish Council Meetings Agendas

The Parish Council, meets on the second Monday of every month except August, normally at the Village Centre, Dickleburgh at 7pm. The June meeting is held in Rushall Church.

These are the dates of the meetings for the for the coming 2016/17:

  • 13th March
  • 10th April
  • 8th May
  • 12th June (Rushall Church)
  • 10th July
  • 4th Sept.
  • 9th Oct.
  • 13th Nov.
  • 11th Dec.
  • 8th Jan.
  • 12th Feb.
  • 12th March

Members of the Public are welcome to attend and ask questions, highlight issues or just listen to the business of the Parish Council.

Minutes of the meetings of the Parish Council are published here when available.

The Annual Parish Council Meeting was held on Mon. 8th May at 7.00pm

Annual Parish Council Minutes

The Annual Parish Meeting was held on Friday 12th May at 7.00pm – All residents, organizations and clubs are invited

Annual Parish Meeting 2017 Minutes

Dickleburgh & Rushall Village Centre Committee

  • 8th March
  • 5th April
  • 3rd May
  • 14th June
  • 5th July
  • 6th Sept.
  • 4th Oct.
  • 8th Nov.
  • 6th Dec.
  • 3rd Jan.
  • 7th Feb.
  • 7th March

The Annual General Meeting of the Village Centre will be confirmed.

For more information about the Parish Council, its meetings and activities, please contact the Parish Clerk Ann Baker, tel. 01379 742937 or by email:

The agenda for each meeting can be found below:  

Agenda Dec. 2017

Agenda Nov. 2017

Agenda Oct. 2017

Agenda July 2017

February 2017 Agenda

April 2016

May 2016 Annual Parish Council Meeting